Get closer to nature
& support conservation

From the jungles of India to the islands of the Galapagos, our travel partners offer small group tours that immerse you in nature. From elephants silhouetted against an Africa sunset to orangutans swinging in the treetops high above, these trips take you right into the heart of their world, offering an unforgettable chance to experience and photograph wildlife. With expert local guides joining you along the way, you’ll stay in a range of accommodation almost as memorable as your animal sightings – from safari lodges to wilderness camps, these are truly wild experiences. 

Above all, we make sure that these interactions are done in a responsible way and with the greatest level of respect for the environment and the people living within it. We work with travel companies that are not only dedicated to wildlife conservation, they are dedicated to collaboration and support of local and indigenous communities, mitigating human-wildlife conflict and offering jobs and educational opportunities. 

The Big Wild works in close collaboration with a vast amount of international conservation organizations and policy makers to ensure the
data collected by our images is only accessible to and utilized by organizations needing to make accurate identifications and counts of wildlife for conservation initiatives. 

Your photographs can be the deciding factor in
major conservation decisions around the globe

Please email [email protected] for upcoming travel opportunities. Stay in touch, let us know your interest and concern for wildlife and we can inform you of group tours available. 

Vacations reveal what people choose to do, rather than what they must do. They are opportunities for self-definition.

The crises of 2020 – particularly the pandemic – has caused many travelers to rethink how and where to travel. Rather than taking luxury spa trips or sun-and-fun cruises, many are seeking to put more meaning into their lives by choosing to support climate, environmental/wildlife, and social initiatives. During the travel shutdown, fewer tourists contributed to a horrendous rise in poaching in many areas of the world, highlighting the importance of travel in conservation.