Fast Tracking
Wildlife Conservation

Working in a collaborative tech-for-conservation network, we specialize in large-scale collection & process of wildlife data.
Utilizing the latest in artificial intelligence & machine learning for disruptive conservation.

Join The Big Wild and unite as a collaborative force fighting wildlife extinction.

Why Technology
for Conservation?

Today’s wildlife research is a mix of collaborative networking and working with the latest in cutting-edge technology. Data collection is absolutely essential in providing accurate information regarding wildlife numbers, groups, predator and prey evaluations, numbers and migratory patterns.

"What we do in the next 20 years will determine the future for all life on Earth."

- David Attenborough

WWF and the Zoological Society of London found that the Earth lost half of all its wildlife in the last 40 years.

Securing funding, conducting research, performing data annotations and making that data accessible to change makers, are all expensive, time consuming challenges that researchers face. In many organizations this is a long and slow process that can take years to complete. These are years that we no longer have. We must act now!

The Solution

In order to make an immediate and disruptive impact against wildlife extinction, The Big Wild provides researchers, land conservation organizations, conservation groups and policy makers with urgently needed access to fast, reliable and cutting-edge wildlife data.

"We need to know more about wildlife so we can protect it properly, but we also need everyone to feel that they can get involved in spotting and recording wildlife too."

- Gwen Potter, UK National Trust.

Take the most important
photograph of your life

The Big Wild empowers everyone to fight wildlife extinction with photography.

We partner with travel companies, hotel groups, private reserves, photographers, researchers and conservation organizations to collect photographic data on wild animals. We use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to accurately count wildlife and give that data to change makers. Our international network of technology for conservation partners enables us to create open source data libraries, so that we can fast track data collection at a large scale and cost-effective manner and get it to the right hands at a rapid pace.

The adventure travel and travel with purpose industry inspires local communities to value their native wildlife. Traveling with a purpose of conservation literally is insurance for threatened wildlife.

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