Bringing data to life

with innovation & technology for Climate, Environment & Society

We have 3 main objectives, to Collect, Collaborate and Conserve:

  1. To collect and annotate nature-based data using disruptive AI, ML and GIS technology. We rapidly create tangible information from data with extreme accuracy, for immediate use in conservation for Climate, Environment and Society.
  2. To collaborate with local and indigenous communities on providing valuable information from otherwise inaccessible data for viable and impactful SDG solutions. (Special focus is on SDG # 13,14,15 &17).
  3. To Conserve our Climate, Environment and Society through partnerships with individuals, organizations, foundations and corporations.

Harnessing the latest in cutting edge technology for accelerated nature-based solutions.

Why Technology
for Conservation?

Today’s nature based solutions must be a mix of collaborative networking and providing real-time, accurate information from data with the latest in cutting-edge technology, in order to have an immediate and essential impact

"What we do in the next 20 years will determine the future for all life on Earth."

"We need to know more about wildlife so we can protect it properly, but we also need everyone to feel that they can get involved in spotting and recording wildlife too."

Together with our partners and our collaborative tech for conservation network, we make a positive, measurable and long-lasting impact fighting mass extinction.

A measurable and lasting impact
supporting wildlife conservation

The Big Wild is committed to measurable impact and transparency. Our annual report and financials will soon be available. For now, please view our Big Wild Daily Newspaper with articles from The Big Wild and global conservation community below. 

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