Rachel Harri Weiser

Marketing & Public Affairs
Board Member

Founder & CEO Weiser Mendez Strategies. First women-indigenous minority-owned ESG Global. Extensive experience delivering stellar results by designing and managing sustainability (SDG or ESG), corporate, philanthropic, environmental, federal, and gubernatorial operations, budgets, and development campaigns. A proven leader with the ability to identify problem areas, synthesize complex information and policies, and guide staff in the collaborative implementation of corrective actions. Identified through external metrics as one of the top 200 sustainability influencers and strategists in the world. Possess exceptional expertise in identifying program needs to drive process improvements, bottom-line gains, and competitive advantage through qualitative and quantitative data. A dynamic, empathetic, and enthusiastic leader with the knowledge to harness individual skills and develop high-performing diverse teams and strategic relationships. Thrives on continuous challenges and fast-paced environments with a strong focus on collaboration, communication, research, influencing growth, and delivering innovative solutions to fulfill the internal and external mission and bold goals.