Jonathan Knowles

Board Member

As an explorer, scientist, and technologist, Jonathan focuses on the dynamics of large-scale, long term change with an emphasis on beyond the horizon science and technology.
Jonathan is the Science and Exploration Fellow at Mission Blue—The Sylvia Earle Alliance, Exploration and Ideation Director for the Frontier Development Lab—a NASA AI research accelerator, and serves on the boards of, and is an advisor to, several ocean, space, technology, learning, engineering, and exploration organizations. 
With 30 years in Silicon Valley leadership positions at Apple, Adobe, and Autodesk, Jonathan provides insight on the intersection of emerging technologies and social trends, and closing the gap between the theory and the practice of innovation in a world of rapidly accelerating technological capabilities. He is a creative thinker and respected voice on future trends, long-range vision, “moonshot” thinking, and creating a preferred future.