Mountain lions, also known as pumas and cougars, are top carnivores playing an important role in our ecosystem yet they live a fragile existence. Their primary food source is deer, but they can also prey on smaller animals like raccoons, rabbits. Occasionally, they opportunistically prey on domestic pets and livestock. More than half of California, including most of undeveloped San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, is prime mountain lion habitat. Mountain lions are a specially protected species in California.

Mountain lions are a specially protected species in California

The Big Wild is studying the San Mateo county, CA, USA region’s mountain lions to create a first of its kind, individual identification on each Mountain Lion in the region. We are using the latest in advanced facial recognition capabilities for identifying not only individual but priority habitats, key wildlife corridors and working to promote ecosystem conservation throughout the region. Research is paired with outreach to help residents implement the best methods to deter mountain lions from preying on pets and livestock, lion behavior that can result in the issuing of a ‘kill permit’ for the lion. By raising awareness about mountain lions and providing tips for co-existence, we can help safe-guard our community’s vital natural systems.

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