Working together
to stop the 6th mass extinction

The Big Wild partners with several data collection libraries for the accumulation of photographs, camera traps, videos and sound. These data libraries provide a technical foundation that offer behavioral and social data for a wildlife study population, build a collaborative, distributed research network for both migratory and global species and offer an easy-to-use software suite of functionality that can be extended to meet the needs of wildlife projects. Getting this baseline information correct allows researchers to focus on deeper analysis that can bring about actionable change. 

The Big Wild has curated an innovative community where anyone can explore data from wildlife projects across the globe. Our collaborative network provides the tools and technology to connect accurate wildlife data to conservation and policy decision makers in the most rapid, cost effective and collaborative way. 

Wildlife biodiversity is important to everyone. It provides critical benefits to support nature and people. Unfortunately, wildlife is rapidly disappearing from our planet and we are in dire need of reliable and up-to-date information to understand and prevent this loss. 

Wildlife research projects are frequently overlapping initiatives that are underfunded and often of a very small scale. Wildlife data collection remains a largely academic exercise without long-term data curation or collaboration. Creating a critical mass of data for population analysis can take years, and these are years that we no longer have. 

If you are interested in applying your images to our data collection or accessing the data collections, please email us at [email protected] and let us know about your interests.