Mountain Lions

Mountain lions, also known as pumas and cougars, are top carnivores playing an important role in our ecosystem yet they live a fragile existence. Their primary food source is deer, but they can also prey on smaller animals like raccoons, rabbits. Occasionally, they opportunistically prey on domestic pets and livestock. More than half of California, […]

Arctic Polar Bear ID Project

Will Polar Bears be extinct by 2050? The study behind this depressing conclusion could land polar bears on the list of threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. Polar bears depend on the sea – and sea ice – for food. Most often they dine on ringed seals, which they catch by hanging out on […]

Somalia, Somaliland & Ethiopia

Protecting and expanding vulnerable cheetah populations within the Horn of Africa through the gathering of baseline data and individual ID, so that the appropriate management, crime prevention, community engagement and mitigation measures can be identified and implemented. There are estimated to be only around 7000 cheetahs left in the wild and these are found in […]